I would love to hear about your brand and inspire you and empower you any way I can. Below are a few of the ways I work with clients. . .

Package #1
Monthly or Long-Term Brand Consulting

(I only take one to two clients on a monthly basis. There is currently a waitlist for these services)


Here are some of the action items I help brands with:

Editorial Strategy : I can help you design and build and write an online magazine, blog or editorial platform.

Content Marketing: My experience shows me that content marketing is a more cost-effective and better longterm strategy than most traditional marketing approaches for SEO, brand positioning, and building loyalty and awareness. I can help you build this into your brand's dna or create a content-marketing project for your company. 

Website Strategy: I work with a brand owner, CEO or creative director of your brand to strategize on how to create a website that will best serve your brand. For small business owners I can build it from the ground-up and teach you if necessary.

SEO: I do not try to game search engines or use "tricks". I use unique content (stories, copy, videos, images) to help you build fast. long-lasting organic SEO.

Branding: I can help with overall branding by getting owners and creators to hone their messaging and position themselves properly through their website and planned content. I have been a Chief Content Officer and can work at that level but I also enjoy helping owners hone in on taglines and their "about" stories and elevator pitches, too. 

Social Media Marketing: My specialty is helping brands or bloggers earn 10 to 20k facebook fans in less than a year without ever buying likes. I have also proven that facebook and social media can help drive sales and wholesale leads. I can develop the strategy for you or I can have my team manage your community and make posts for you.

PR & Influencer Strategy: I have managed the teams of prominent PR agencies for brands. I typically help develop strategy and create press & influencers lists with contacts so that smaller brands do not have to engage a costly agency.

Photo Shoots: I am notorious for being able to get brands or bloggers a fashionable look at an affordable cost. I have several photographers in the fashion and product arena that give my clients a 50%+ discount because we love to work together.

Video Creation: I produce brand videos with my team or I can write and produce with another team for a brand. I have produced all the videos for UrbanaSacs.com and WondermintKids.com

I love helping small brands, too, especially the creator who is practically a one-woman show, but has the passion and heart of a hundred. My mom was one of those women. If you simply need advice on launch strat or prep or a brand tune-up, these packages are for you. If you are a not-for-profit doing good in the world and cannot afford these rates, reach out to me about pro bono consultations.

Package #2  
A Brand Retreat

Cost: $TBD

1 available per month

(Sorry, there are no brand retreat spaces left between now and August 1, 2019)

Get Focused - This package includes a two-night stay in my guest suite with private entrance on Orcas Island, overlooking Cascade Bay, with work and living space, so that brand creators can really focus on their idea and the work we do together to get their brand launched, hone their brand messaging, build out their social media platforms or blog, or wrap your mind around attempting to shift in a new direction.

Pre-work - Before you arrive I will conduct a S.W.O.T. analysis of your brand based on your online presence and engage in a one hour call with you to determine what we should focus on during the retreat.

Day One - We work together for three hours the first day on whatever your needs are. I also provide a little fun homework for you, which may or may not include competitors to check out, the websites of other like-minded online brands, or business plans of other brands, depending on what your needs are.

Day Two - We hone in on actually executing as much as we can on your website if you have one, or start building you one. Same for social media platforms if that is what you are coming to me for.

Resources - You'll leave with resources, tips and skills that will make launching a business less painful and more profitable. Every client who has worked with me ends up saving thousands right away or earning more right away so that the cost of the brand retreat is earned back immediately.


Package # 3
The Strategic Lunch

Cost: $350* for two hours + lunch is on me.

One available per week.

(Currently unavailable until August)

*$300 if referred by any of my clients or the following success coaches or organizations:

The Women's Professional Network
Mastermind Groups by Margalit Ward
Life Stylist & Success Coach Shannon Bindler

This Strategic Lunch is to help you wrap your head around the launch of your business, product or services or a rebrand/re-positioning of  your pre-existing brand. 

There has not been a case in which a client has not earned back the cost of these services in less than a month by me either saving them money or quickly showing them a way to create revenue that they were not thinking of.


The scope of what can be discussed includes any of the items you see in Package #1 above. 

A phone call is included to help me prepare to help you. Before we meet I analyze the landscape of your competition and your online footprint.