What I do.

I specialize in helping brands launch or rebrand by building platforms powered primarily by editorial-style content. My strategic work and execution of ideas results in websites and social media platforms that organically increase sales, S.E.O., brand interest and loyalty in a more cost-effective manner than traditional marketing. My work has resulted in clients being featured in WWD, The NY Times (including the New York Times Bestseller list for books), Goop/Birchbox, Huffington Post, US Weekly, Angeleno, LA Times, Harpers Bazaar, Martha Stewart, Entertainment Tonight, Documentary, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Redbook & other magazines. 

Who I like to work with.

I like creators & disruptors. People who like to work hard. Individuals fueled by passion. The person who maintains a sense of humor under stress. Believers. And, most of all people who enjoy the journey as much as the end result.

Who I will NOT work with.

I will not work with anyone who creates beauty products that are not cruelty-free. I won't take clients who create or market fur products. I will not help a brand that does not practice fair trade or that uses sweatshop labor. I do not work with brands who use phthalates or other clearly harmful ingredients in their products. I will not waste my time with brands that are misogynistic or demeaning to women in any way. I choose to not work with anyone who treats people, animals or the environment unkindly.

How I got here.

I've been a wearer of many hats. I also have multiple degrees (B.A. in psychology & a MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA & an EdM. from Harvard University). My writing has been featured in Elle (UK), Cosmo, Zink, and on Showtime, Fox & PBS; and has been published by Random House & Running Press. Six years ago, a friend asked me to use my writer's mind & editorial skills to help launch a publishing house, then a beauty brand. I created the brand story and smaller stories every day after that. We shared that content on social media and on a first-year-only magazine. 82% of sales could be traced back to that editorial and social media and a whole lotta other good came from those efforts. I found I had a knack for content marketing. I also witnessed the power of editorial for an online brand. More importantly, I realized I liked working with start-ups, especially around launch. I really love small start-ups, too. Women who are practically a one-person show but have the heart and drive of a team of a hundred. I was raised by this kind of woman. These women often can't afford my services, so I've created smaller consulting packages to be able to help them on their journey. 

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